May 2007 - Captain George Vancouver's Home Town
and the King's Lynn Amateur Radio Club

I had a very interesting and informative call today (May 27, 2007) on Echolink, from Trevor - M3GJA, a UK station.
He was looking for BC stations to chat about their upcoming Captain George Vancouver celebrations (250 th Anniv. of
Vancouver's birthday). Below are two of the links he recommended to me... The first links to information on celebration
activities of Capt. Vancouver's home area of King's Lynn on the East Coast of the UK. The city of Vancouver, BC, plans to
send a delegate to the celebration activities! The site provides details about a Captain Vancouver celebration special
events station (special QSLs!) and contains many other interesting links...

There is also a link to his Amateur Radio Club web site. Thanks Trevor !... :-) (He is listed in the KLARC club members link)





The Captain George Vancouver Celebraton Special Events Station...

The King's Lynn Radio Club web site...

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